WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget

WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget enables you to display a tailor-made affiliate project listing in your WordPress blog. Settings of the widget allows you to configure what kind of project should be displayed and how they should be displayed.

Freelancer.com Affiliate Web Widgets

Freelancer.com provides approximately eleven advertising (affiliation) methods to earn money for referring friends/your site visitors. You can earn a passive income through banners and other web widgets. (1) Freelancer Cash Advertising Units (2) Text Links (3) Freelancer.com Banner (4) Freelancer.com Contest Site Banners (5) Freemarket.com Banners (6) Freemarket.com Seller Banners (7) Freemarket.com Buyer Banners (8) RSS Feeds (9) Javascript (10) Data Feeds (11) Affiliate API.

Read about all freelancer.com advertising methods.

The eleventh and most advanced/customizable method is to use freelancer.com web based api. WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget uses freelancer.com api to query and display projects according to settings you specified in the plugin settings page.

What projects are displayed in WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget

You can configure project query string in the plugin settings page. Visit WordPress Freelancer Plugin dashboard and select ‘Affiliate Tab’. There are two settings sections. The first one deals with the api query string while the second deals with how to display returned affiliate project information.

If your WordPress blog is about iPhones you can display projects related to iPhones in the WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget. Or else if your blog is about WordPress then you may display the latest projects related to WordPress. You can specifiy the project listing keyword as the first setting.

‘Project Count’ setting allows you to specify the number of projects to retrieve form freelancer.com api. The default number of projects is four.

If you post projects regularly on freelancer.com, you can list your own projects in your pages using ‘Project Owner’ setting. To retrieve your own latest projects on freelancer.com simply fill your freelancer.com username in this field. The widget automatically synchronizes the projects you posted on freelancer.com and WordPress Freelancer Profile Widget.

Sometimes you prefer a certain project poster/employer, because you trust him as an employer. In such cases, you can direct your visitors to his projects by filling out ‘Project Owner’ field with your preferred employer username.

Leave the ‘Project Owner’ field blank if you don’t want to specify a project owner. Then the project listing will be based on other settings you specify in the plugin admin page.

To post a featured project, an employer is charged a certain amount of money. A featured project usually gets more attention from the freelancers as the employer/project poster is already spent money on the project. You can display only featured projects in your WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget using ‘Only Featured Projects’ setting.

‘Project Listing Order’ select box provides options for ordering projects in the WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget. ‘bid_count’ option will arrange project according to the bid count (current number of bids). These options work in combination with the next option ‘order_direction’. ex. First select ‘bid_count’ and then select either ‘asc’ or ‘desc’.

‘budget’ option allows you to order project according to the budget specified when posting the project whereas ‘bid_avg’ is the average of current bids for the project.

You can display the latest projects using the ‘submit_date’ option. There are some more options which will allow you to fine-tune your affiliate project listing.

‘rand’ option allows you to completely randomize the project listing order. Each visitor every time sees a random project listing. Links in these project listings in WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget is customized to include you as a referrer. Each time user signs-up using your affiliate links you’ll receive bonuses.

Affiliate referrer is same as the freelancer.com username you specified in the ‘Profile Tab’. Make sure you specify your freelancer.com username to receive the benefits of the referral program.