WordPress Plugin

WordPress freelancer plugin allows you to display your details and activities on your WordPress blog. This plugin activates a number of related widgets inside WordPress admin widgets section. You can drag and drop those widgets to display WordPress freelancer plugin functions.

WordPress Freelancer Profile Widget

Profile widget enables you to display profile details in one of your sidebars. By default, logo is displayed on top of this particular widget. You can turn this on/off using widget settings in admin panel. You only need to input your username for WordPress Profile Widget to work. This widget automatically queries the api to obtain your profile information and formats it for the display in sidebars. The api response is cached. So you don’t need to query the api for each and every visitor for your site.

WordPress Freelancer Feedback Widget

You can display the feedback you received for your projects using freelancer feedback widget.

This widget queries the api for the latest project feedback you received for the projects done on You can configure the number of items to display in widget settings admin panel. It displays the review/description you received together with the rating. A link to the relevant project will also be appear in the feedback snippet. This enables your visitor to verify the details are correct and updated by visiting itself.

The feedback widget queries the api to obtain these information. The responses are cached as these details don’t change often. However you have the option to change the caching period via plugin admin settings page.

Feedback Widget

WordPress Freelancer Affiliate Widget

If you refer a person to you can get a commission each time receives their service charges.

WordPress freelancer affiliate widget enables you to list the latest projects related to a chosen keyword with affiliate links. e.g. You can list latest WordPress projects in your blog sidebar using this widget. Each time receives a profit from your referred user you receives the commission from Number of projects to list and the project listing keyword is configurable from the admin panel.

WordPress Freelancer Hooks API